International Custody Case

International Custody Case?  PARENT Maliciously prosecuted?

María José and her associates are incorporating teams of experts based on each specific case for the  defense of victims of illegal imprisonments and wrongful convictions, obtained without fair trials, insufficient evidence and/or without a Due Process of Law, due to corruption or abuse of power and bias in proceedings.

Through Creative Legalities she is compiling a task force of attorneys and international legal consultants, to fight to eradicate corruption and undue influence on courts and to protect the rights of victims illegally prosecuted, or wrongly prosecuted and convicted,  for truth, justice, and transparency, and the absolute observance of the Rule of Law.

María José and her specific teams help civilians and victims to obtain compensation for damages due to  judicial and prosecutorial misconduct, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment and wrongful convictions of innocent public figures and or high profile cases. She has succeeded in reversing convictions and releasing from captivity innocent convicts, victims of defective proceedings. Her clients vary from private civilians to public agencies,

María José has succeeded in reversing convictions in redress motions and Post Conviction Relief (options of different sorts in different forums)  and releasing innocent convicts from captivity, as well as victims of defective proceedings where violations of Due Process and Procedural Guarantees have been polluting proceedings.  The innocent incarcerated need our help, and we work on getting these people out of captivity and their continued kidnapping. Especially those who are from the European Union and Latin America and are in USA States´ Prisons without any chance of recourse and have been abandoned by everyone in Public Positions in their country, for political gain.  We assist victims of political prosecution in obtaining freedom through political asylum and redress in International Courts.  Post Conviction Relief and Extraordinary Writs are some of the steps we also take and can be subcontracted by the victim or his/her family and attorneys.  If we don´t have a license in the forum where the victim is being held captive, we will subcontract the attorney that will work with us, to obtain the objectives.

Our clients vary from private civilians to Public Agencies, Corporations, and Law Firms with complex cases involving diversity and international parties.

If you are involved in an international custody dispute that includes countries members of the Hague Convention of 1980, and you need our help fill out the below form, to contact us.  If the matter is referring to civilians incarcerated due to corruption, wrongful convictions in violations of the UN Declaration of Human Rights do not hesitate to contact us going to this other page, and filling out the questionnaire, or getting your family or Law Firm to contact us.  We can join your selected firm as cocounsel to assist in international complex matters or simply in cases that qualify to be brought to International Courts and Federal Venues.



If you are involved in a dispute in any of the country members of the Hague Convention of 1980 relating to your children, or if you are a parent in an international custody dispute and your opponent is trying to get you prosecuted internationally with false charges, or a malicious prosecution has already gotten started against you, look no further. Contact us immediately, Maria Jose Carrascosa and her team can help.  Don’t allow the case to get complicated, contact us as soon as possible. Time is of the essence.  Fill out the below form and request an appointment.

Si está Vd. inmersa en una disputa de custodia, que incluye a países miembros de la Convención de la Haya de 1980, y necesita de nuestra firma, rellene el formulario que sigue para contactar.

International Custody / Custodia Internacional
Note that review of documents will be upon agreement to pay de evaluation fee, customary and standard of practice. Extensive review will only proceed after we have been duly retained, in accordance to the laws of the forum involved, and desire of the clients (or law firm subcontracting us). Revisión de documentos y expediente de su caso, requiere nos sea pagada la minuta correspondiente, sobre la que le daremos cotización.
I understand that your organization works in matters where countries, signatory members of the Hague Convention, are involved, in matters pertaining to transferred or removed children and / or abducted mothers. I understand that matters of Rule of Law, Redress, Accountability, Ex Post Facto, Human Rights, Malicious Prosecutions, International Treaties Violations, Habeas Corpus, Post Judgments Relief, et al are remedies your organization deals with, especially if involving the Rights of Women and Children. I understand your services are not free. I enclose above my agreement, and commitment to pay your organization consulting and/or defense fees, as per retainer that will be presented to me. My sources will be from me or sponsors helping me, but this will not affect on my obligations to pay for your services to be rendered, and as detailed in the contracts for services, to such effects.
We can only assist if you agree on our terms of work. We do not guarantee winning, but we do guarantee making a difference that hopefully makes you and your family win, directly or otherwise. If in review of your documents we identify abuse from you against your child(ren) of the other parent of your child(ren) we WILL NOT take your case. He leído y entiendo que la revisión de mi caso requiere el pago de la minuta que corresponda o se me cotice, y que mi caso puede ser rechazado, referido a otros profesionales que trabajan con su organización, o tomado por su equipo internacional para defensa. Yo entiendo que mi caso es del tipo que Vds defienden. He sido referido-a por persona - organización que especifico en la casilla siguiente.
These pictures will be kept confidential as the rest of your file, unless you require us to report an abduction of a child or a mother, and you would like us to file for an international missing persons' report, with European Police, Interpol, and other Organizations working against Violence Against Women and Children.
DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is for general information purposes only. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. El que estudiemos su petición no implica que hayamos aceptado su caso. Para mayor información le contactaremos, y puede solicitar una conferencia o cita con nosotros.

While we contact you and confirm a conference call or meeting, we strongly suggest that you read “A Broken American Dream (Un sueño Americano roto)”, by María José Carrascosa, JD.  It will assist you in putting things ready for your case.

Mientras le contactamos y confirmamos conferencia o cita, le recomendamos con fuerza que se lea “A Broken American Dream (Un sueño Americano roto)”, by María José Carrascosa, JD. Le asistirá a poner todo en orden para su defensa.