Children’s Human Rights

Carrascosa’s Movement for Women and Children’s Human Rights andJustice

court-legal-lady-justice-scales-gavel-web-genericInternational Private Law, Human Rights, Civil, Conflict of Laws, International Disputes, International Custody, Family Law, Trusts, Foundations, Contracts are areas in which Maria José Carrascosa and her Associates have decades of expertise on their own and jointly exceeding over 100 years.   Creative Legalities´ practice and global experience is an asset to accommodate any specific need in Courts, Mediation, Arbitrage, and International Forum Courts.

Derecho Internacional Privado, Derechos Humanos, Derecho Civil, Conflictos de Leyes y Jurisdiccionales, Disputas Internacionales, Custodia Internacional (de menores o de adultos), Derecho de Familia, Fundaciones, Contratos son areas en las que María José Carrascosa y sus asociados tienen décadas de experiencia individualmente y en conjunto excediendo los 100 años. La práctica de Creative Legalities y su experiencia global es un bien para acomodar cualquier necesidad específica en Tribunales, Mediación, Arbitraje, y Tribunales del Foro Internacional.

Maria Jose founded Carrascosa’s Movement for Women and Children’s Human Rights and Justice for International Human Rights Disputes, and where women and children’s integrity and safety are at risk. The company provides professional legal, social, psychological and sociological services at discount rates to women and children’s victims of any sort of violence (domestic or public -inflicted by courts and tribunals-, from organized crime, human trade, or from government abuse of power).Image-Abril 24 2015 RTVE

María José fundó Carrascosa’s Movement for Women and Children’s Human Rights and Justice para asistir en disputas internacionales en temas de Derechos Humanos, y dónde la integridad de mujeres y niños y su seguridad están en riesgo.  La organización provee servicios profesionales legales, sociales, psicológicos y sociológicos con descuentos en costes de los mismos, a mujeres y niños víctimas de cualquier tipo de violencia (doméstica o pública – de juzgados y tribunales-, de crimen organizado, trata de humanos, o gubernamentales).

The video below is alarming but needed to raise awareness.  Our organization is seeking for funds to allow us to cover costs to come to the rescue of children in these predicaments, and in cases like Victoria Solenne´s (María José Carrascosa´s child). 

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