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Here we have listed a few of the supporters and their articles in support of Maria Jose’s fight for Justice, and who are fearless to voice their rejection to this TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE, and severe case of Human Rights Violations.
  • Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis I)
  • Carlos Osoro, Archbishop of Madrid & President of the Conferencia Episcopal
  • Glenn Greenwald, Esq. – With Liberty and Justice for Some –
  • Safe Kids International with Alan Dawson
  • Spain Human Rights: Asociación Pro Derechos Humanos de España
  • Committee 37 ForPeace Initiative, Scott Davis -CEO-
  • Archbishop of Valencia & Judicial Vicar
  • Ecclesiastical Tribunals of the Archbishop of Valencia, the Rotal Tribunal of Madrid
  • Mario Erlich (Painter)
  • Facebook Group: “En defensa de Libertad de María José Carrascosa”
  • Global Expats
  • Movimiento contra la Intolerancia
  • Asociación Argentinos Residentes en España
  • Asociación Clara Campoamor
  •  Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Valencia (ICAV)
  • Consejo de las Mujeres del Municipio de Madrid
  • Red Feminista contra la Violencia de Género
  • Unión de Actores
  • Enclave Feminista
  • Mujeres en RED
  • Asociaciones Religiosas varias
  • Comisión para la Investigación de Malos Tratos a Mujeres
  • Organized Demonstrations Against Maria Jose Carrascosa’s Unjust Trial, Malicious Prosecution and Wrongful Conviction – Human Rights and Due Process Violations.
  • Image-2Izquierda Unida (IU)
  • Partido Popular (PP)
  • Partido Socialista (PSOE)
  • Los sindicatos CSIF, UGT, CCOO, USO, Stepv.
Maria Jose was illegally imprisoned and convicted.  In private terms this is kidnapping. In public terms “False Arrest”.  Nine (9) years of her life and her child’s and parents. And irreparable damages.

Carrascosa: “A mí espíritu no le pusieron ninguna de las cadenas que tuve 32 veces”

Protective Mom Freed! Posted by Safe Kids International
Father Gives Judge Permission to Release Mother
Mother Endured 9 Years Incarceration to Protect Daughter

“I would rather die than bring my daughter back to New Jersey [to her abuser].”
– Protective Mom Maria to Judge in 2006

Protective Mom Maria left for Spain where her family is after her marriage broke down due to domestic violence. Maria filed for custody of her daughter, Victoria, in Spain and was granted it. The father appealed, but it was affirmed.

Meanwhile a New Jersey judge granted the father full custody despite his history of domestic violence and child abuse. There are at least two witnesses to the violence.

The father initiated Hague proceedings which concluded in Maria’s favor finding she did not take the children to Spain illegally and gave her custody.

Maria returned to New Jersey to clear up matters since the Hague had vindicated her, but she was arrested and convicted in a reportedly corrupt criminal process with the D.A., public defender and judge aggressively slanting the case to the father. This is not uncommon when protective mothers are prosecuted. The case of PM Tammy Rief in San Diego last year also included a corrupt D.A., public defender and judge skewing the case against her.

New Jersey Judge Edward Torack sealed the deal against Maria finding she acted illegally despite the DV and the Hague ruling.

Maria was (no surprise) convicted of custodial interference and the criminal court judge sentenced her to prison for 14 years. She was paroled last year, however, she was transferred to jail after being found in contempt of court by Judge Bonnie Mizdol, a known CLA (Court Licensed Abuse) judge. The father recently wrote Judge Mizdol and said she could free Maria. So Judge Mizdol did her job of maintaining the father’s right to control his family and freed her.

When the father was asked if he would go to Spain to visit his daughter, he said no because there are criminal charges pending against him and, ironically, he is afraid of being arrested and jailed.

AMERICAN (IN)JUSTICE: The sad case of Maria Jose Carrascosa

Recordings in English about the case:
Witnesses declarations translated to English and enacted from official transcripts.  All of them can be listened to with the ebook format of “An American Broken Dream (Un sueño americano roto)”.


Spanish media:

You can post congratulations to Maria on her FB page:
In Defense of Maria Jose Carrascosa’s Freedom

Victoria Solenne y María JoséNOTE: Safe Kids is not linking to U.S. mainstream media because they are biased, taking the father’s perspective that Maria took the children illegally, not reporting the Hague decision or the family violence Maria was escaping, etc.

[Pictured: Maria Jose today (right); Victoria before going to Spain (top left); Judge Edward Torack (middle left); Maria before incarceration (bottom left)]

Due Process of Law, XIVth Amendt., The Whistleblower Act must be considered in María José´s case.

Communication from prison after 4 years of absolute incommunication, and termination of privileges with false institutional charges, at request and set up by her opponents and officers.  Under review now by the US Fed. Court of the District of New Jersey.  Those false charges increased the sentence time over 4 more years, by removing 365 days of good conduct and denying parole twice, each time increasing further serving time to 18 months. Thus, the illegal sentence and proceedings have been served over the legal time an additional 3 more years to day.  Habeas Corpus has also been requested against this illegal institutional charges.  This is further exposed in María José´s second volume and final of her story “The Wake Up From An American Nightmare”.

Please meet the SCANDALOUSLY CORRUPTED Judge that sat in María José´s Case.  Her sentence was by far much worse than what he did in this case. Not only he violated the US Constitution, he also violated to the entire Spaniard Judiciary, and members of the Hague, and specifically named and insulted Brazil, France, Argentina, and rest of Latin American Countries, after he had been calling Spaniard Judges “MORONS and accomplices of interference with custody and court contempt”, all the while being this US traitor and Torack, along with the prosecutor´s office, the ones breaching and breaking the criminal codes (New Jersey, Federal and International)…  Judge Venezia´s tenure was expiring on 2019. On 2015 he was finally removed from the bench.  He is now trying to make a living in private practice, and serving as voice doubling in movies and others in the entertainment industry [source: former judge Donald Venezia himself in Linkedin].  The Prosecutor’s in office while Maria Jose’s endured malicious prosecution have been removed from office by Governor Christie since November and December 2015 [Source: the Bergen Dispatch].