Expose for Transparency. This is what goes on in New Jersey. Since 2004 to date.

Our children deserve it! We deserve it!

Former Judges Torack and Venezia, and former Prosecutor Molinelli … The list is not that long but a RICO enterprise that was very harmful. They kidnapped civilians who had financial means and gave them to their opponents who had nothing other than criminal pasts, as in the case of Maria Jose. Expose for Transparency. Together we can get them before Justice and change the Law. They cannot be left impune. Nemo est supra leges. Nobody is above the Law!

Please review this featured video, the news cover are quite inviting and yet explain much of what was done to María José and her child.  Your comments are welcome.


About María José Carrascosa, JD

Maria Jose Carrascosa, JD is an international lawyer specializing in human rights and corporate law. After her terrible story she devotes much of her practice to defending Human Rights, especially the rights of women and children victims of violence and international custody; as well as to the defense of victims of illegal imprisonments and wrongful convictions obtained without fair trials, insufficient evidence and/or without a Due Process, due to corruption or abuse of power and bias in proceedings. Activist, lobbyist, barrister and international legal consultant, she fights to eradicate corruption and undue influence on courts and to protect the rights of victims for truth, justice, transparency of the rule of law. María José helps victims to obtain compensation for damages for judicial and prosecutorial misconduct, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment and wrongful convictions of innocent public figures. She has succeeded in reversing convictions and releasing from captivity innocent convicts, victims of defective proceedings. She is hired by her clients, and also by law firms with complex cases involving diversity and international parties. You may contact her by phone +1 917 633 7457, or email to mjcarrascosa@icav.es, or filling out our inquiry and contact form.