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Maria Jose Carrascosa does attend conferences and is retained for speaking engagements that vary from areas of International Private Law and Human Rights, to international child custody and flaws of the treaties for judicial assistance, and for protection of women and children against all sorts of violence (from domestic to human trade and trafficking).

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.48.49 PMShe is retained to teach and speak in Universities, Conventions, Summits and Events in areas above mentioned and in legal matters of wrongfully convicted, remedies against malicious prosecution, review of cases, habeas corpus and mandamus writs as well as actions for post conviction relief.

Government relations and drafting of treaties and law amendments, under the consideration of principles of international law and doctrines.  Often times in summits and conventions listening to true cases and needs to make a difference in specifics can prevent much damage to society.

Her lectures and engagements must be booked in at least 60 days advance.  conference-The HagueFor further information, please fill out the below form.  If you have already spoken to a staff member regarding a speaking engagement, then you may proceed to formalize by filling out the second form, for your reservation.

If your Government of Firm is involved in a complex international case, and you wish to retain Maria Jose Carrascosa & her team, then click here.

For further information, or schedule a conference or speaking engagement, please fill free to fill out the following form.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Conferencias - Speaking Engagements

To confirm reservation, after discussing about it with our office, please complete your initial retainer towards the total of the conference or engagement.

Para confirmar reserva, tras haber hablado al respecto con nuestra oficina, por favor proceda con el correspondiente pago de provision de fondos inicial, a cuenta de la conferencia/evento.

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  1. After completing the retainer, call the office to confirm and schedule the engagement.
    Tras completar la provisión correspondiente, llamad a la oficina para concretar la fecha de evento-conferencia.

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