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Expose for Transparency. This is what goes on in New Jersey. Since 2004 to date.

Expose for Transparency. This is what goes on in New Jersey. Since 2004 to date.

Our children deserve it! We deserve it!

Former Judges Torack and Venezia, and former Prosecutor Molinelli … The list is not that long but a RICO enterprise that was very harmful. They kidnapped civilians who had financial means and gave them to their opponents who had nothing other than criminal pasts, as in the case of Maria Jose. Expose for Transparency. Together we can get them before Justice and change the Law. They cannot be left impune. Nemo est supra leges. Nobody is above the Law!

Please review this featured video, the news cover are quite inviting and yet explain much of what was done to María José and her child.  Your comments are welcome.


How Can Facts And Perspectives Dramatically Change In Less Than A Day. Surprise Strike On Syria, And “The Geneva Process”

How Can Facts And Perspectives Dramatically Change In Less Than A Day. Surprise Strike On Syria, And “The Geneva Process”

This article was written earlier this morning. Everyone is waking up in the Mediterranean, and in the US glued to the tv screens, to the realization of the fact that finally, someone (the US Executive) has taken action against some of Assad’s chemical weapons sites. This attack has caught the World by surprise. Russia has taken it as an aggression and so has the Assad’s regime. But, someone had to do something.
“Guerra avisada no mata soldado!” (War that is announced does not kill soldiers!) Or otherwise put, the surprise factor is what makes a strike successful.
The thing is, nonetheless, that the President has not passed this action previously by Congress. Yet, a strike like this was needed. But, has it been effective or has it been a political move?
Effectiveness would have been striking Assad and oust him from his power position on the spot, even if by violence or “the use of seals -or mercenaries-“. Now, the Sunnis have expressed support to the USA, and so has Israel and other allies such as Egypt. NATO has not said anything as of yet, but it is to be assumed that will also support Trump’s decision to strike Syria tonight.
Prime Minister of Russia, Putin, has expressed against the strike and described it as an aggression in breach of International Law.
The fact is that for many years Assad’s regime has been in violation of the Convention of Geneve, and UN Declaration of December 6th 1948 against genocide. International Law gathered in the Convention against the use of chemical weapons has been breached by this dictator’s regime for years and created an international refugee’s crisis, that massively has affected Europe, and in part affected and brought along the result of Brexit referendum in June last year.

The US Executive now has expressed that the oust of Assad has to follow the Geneva Process, that is: Trump’s executive supports that now Assad should be brought to Justice, as before it happened with Milosevich.

In The Hague, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is the first permanent judicial body set up to try individuals for the crime of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. The Court was established by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which was adopted on July 17, 1998. It came into force on July 1, 2002, after the 60th nation ratified the treaty. As of September 2013, 122 countries are states parties to the treaty, including 34 African states, 18 from Asia and the Pacific States, 27 from Latin American and the Caribbean, and 43 from Europe.

The ICC possess jurisdiction only over situations that involve the most serious crimes of international concern and, also, only those crimes committed after the Rome Statute went into effect on July 1, 2002.

As a court of last resort, the ICC may prosecute individuals only when national courts are unable or unwilling to do so.
There are several ways a case can come before the court. It can be referred by a State Party (a state that has signed onto the ratification treaty) or by the United Nations Security Council.

Lacking its own police or other mechanisms for arresting indictees, the Court must rely on State Parties to enforce its arrest warrants and to imprison those convicted of crimes. In the case at hand, the allies should be, if not the Syrians or “Trump’s assignees” (marines or seals), the ones executing the arrest of the Dictator and bringing him before the Court as an indicted individual facing trial.

The United States signed the Rome Statute under the Clinton administration in 2000 but identified certain aspects of the treaty that required further negotiation. Both administrations the Clinton and the Bush administration effectively deactivated the US signature on the Rome Statute in 2002 and pursued policies hostile to the Court. The Obama administration followed a policy of cooperation and engagement with the Court, which surprisingly Trump has endorsed tonight as expressed after the strike on Syria. Literally, Tillerson has expressed that the US will rely on the Geneva Process to oust Assad. This could be either the ICC or the ITJ which was the one trying Milosevich. But, under Geneva since July 1, 2002, the jurisdiction would be vested to the ICC.

Now, what is is going to happen with Russia? Only Putin knows his game and strategy. NATO & the USA? Europe will wake up to news of support is to be expected. The USA and the resurgent allies? There is still much speculation, but Saudi, Egypt, and Israel have expressed support to Trump in tonight’s strike. Even China has apparently supported it as well.

ISIS sites of interest have been also stricken tonight. Was this effective? It is too soon to determine. But it appears that the majority do believe so. We can all only pray that it was, otherwise this could bring serious consequences and a world crisis which hopefully is navigated diligently and with care not to cause a result nobody wants. The World needs prayers. The people of Syria need prayers and Assad must be brought to Justice, following the Convention Process, indeed.

Maria Jose Carrascosa, JD
EU Atty @ Law / Human Rights

Featured picture credit: Photo by Peter Dejong / The International Criminal Court (ICC) investigates and, where warranted, tries individuals charged with the gravest crimes of concern to the international community: genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Referred article from the NY Times.

One Brave North Korean Girl, And A Hero!

One Brave North Korean Girl, And A Hero!

She is barely older than my child. Yet, she is a very brave girl and a hero that certainly has made, and will continue to make, a difference in the world. Listen to what she, and her mother, had to go through!

Change starts in oneself, and together we must raise awareness! Transparency, exposure, and the respects for human rights worldwide depends on all of us…